Telltale Signs You Need To Up Sticks And Move

Is it time for you to move house? It might be if any of the following telltale signs apply to you: 

There’s A New Job Opportunity In Another City

Many people find themselves moving for work. When new job opportunities come up, they need to grab the opportunity with both hands. And that usually means moving somewhere else. 

Often taking a job elsewhere is a great way to supercharge your career. In fact, it could be the ticket you need to afford a bigger property. 

Your Home Is Full Of Empty Space

Having too much empty space is another sign that it’s time to move. Once the kids leave home and start lives of their own, there really isn’t much point in owning a large family property. You’re much better off downsizing and choosing something smaller and more appropriate to your lifestyle. Do you really want to be maintaining a large property into old age? Probably not. 

You’re Worried About Safety

Some properties are located in high crime areas which can leave you worried about your safety. Yes – you love your home. But you can’t help but notice that there are constant burglaries and assaults. Is that really somewhere you want to stay and raise a family? Again, probably not. 

Your Commute Is Too Long

People often get in touch with moving companies because their commute is too long. Sitting on the train for half an hour is bad enough. But many people have journeys of more than an hour into work, and that’s simply not sustainable. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can move closer to your work, even if it means renting out a smaller apartment. 

Your Financial Situation Changes

Throughout life, your financial situation will change tremendously. Some months, you’ll feel inundated with cash, while in others, you’ll wonder where all the money went. 

In general, it is a good idea to adjust your accommodation according to your financial situation. If you are running low on cash, then you’ll want to find cheap accommodation. Likewise, if you have plenty of money in the bank, you can think about buying a home that you actually want. 

Your Family Is Growing

Growing families is another reason people move home. For instance, if you have kids, then you’ll need more bedrooms to accommodate them. A two-bedroom apartment simply won’t suffice. Likewise, you may adopt kids or elderly grandparents might need to live with you for a time. 

You Want To Be Close To Better Schools

Being close to better schools is another big reason people move home. Often, it is hard to find quality institutions in your local area that will serve your kids well. 

If in doubt, take a look at school ratings charts. These report on things like grades, facilities and other aspects. 

You Want A Suburban Life

Lastly, you might be considering a big move if you want to move out of the inner city and live in a suburban area. Perhaps you’re tired of all the noise and pollution and want your life to take on a slower pace. 

So, Do You Have The Telltale Signs You Need To Up Sticks And Move?


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