The Advantages of Multiple Monitors for Gaming

At over $173 billion in value, the gaming industry is the largest media category in revenue, according to Insider Intelligence. It’s no surprise considering that gamers can earn anywhere from $12,000 to $60,000 and even much more, according to TechTimes. To support this though, gamers need the best equipment and the ultimate 6 monitor setup. So, ask a professional to get more information about the top computers in the industry. You can even just send your name, email address for regular updates to see how quickly equipment gets faster and better all the time.  

The Advantages of Multiple Monitors for Gaming

Benefits of a 6 Monitor Setup for Gamers 

Naturally, gamers all have a different style partly because of personality but also depending on which games they play. That’s why some keep to two or three monitors before going to 6 monitors. Others though will have a monitor setup laid out to create that full semi-circular 180-degree experience. 

Whatever you decide, there are many benefits to having a multiple-monitor setup as listed below: 

  • Immersive experience
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Multi-tasking (relates apps 
  • Bezels 
  • Multiple games 
  • Comfort 

Immersive experience

You can arrange your adjustable mounts so that your 6 monitor setup comes round the sides for an immersive experience. Then again, some gamers prefer to have an ultra-wide curved screen. This gives less flexibility for the arrangement but either way, you feel as if you’re actually inside your game. That way you’re more focused and in a better position to compete professionally. 

Speed and efficiency

With a 6 monitor setup, you’ll need a powerful computer. You can choose either a desktop or a laptop although you might want to watch your power supply for a laptop. Either way, choose the right processor, either Intel or AMD and a graphics card. 

Many computers these days have integrated graphics cards. Although professional gamers like to get their own motherboard with an external video card so that they can specify the exact graphics processing power they want. Professional gaming is all about speed and efficiency. That’s why brands like Radeon and NVIDIA have focused on what gamers need and provide the top graphics cards of the industry. 


Depending on what type of games you’re playing on your 6 monitor setup, you might want to save some screens for other apps. You might need access to communication tools or forums to keep up to date on any gaming news. Then again, you might simply need a bit of a break so you can pause your game and easily switch to your other programs on your remaining monitors. 


These are important considerations for gamers. This refers to the strip around monitors that acts as a divider between them. Many gamers prefer to have an ultra wide screen to remove those bezels. Of course, they’re sacrificing the versatility of a 6 monitor setup where you can arrange the displays just right for you. 

This one really comes down to personal choice though and again, that’s why it can be helpful to start with two monitors and get a feel for the multi-monitor setup. You then haven’t used up much budget and can easily switch to an ultra-widescreen if you wish. 

Either way, make sure you have the right resolution and refresh rate for gaming. Generally, gamers go for 1080 pixels with a 24-inch screen because it’s a good balance with a budget. Nevertheless, 2160 pixels offer the best resolution but you’ll need a powerful graphics card. 

Multiple games 

Even gamers multitask with games. Some are fast and some are more long-term and strategic. That’s why you can use your 6 monitor screen to layout your different games and optimize your equipment. Then, whether you run your games on Windows 10 or Mac doesn’t matter but there are different games that apply to either operating system. You just need to make sure you have a good graphics card.


Gamers spend hours in front of their 6 monitor setup. So, it’s important they are ergonomically safe and also comfortable. Breaks are always recommended but with multiple monitors, you can arrange everything just right for you. That way you avoid overstretching your arms or straining your eyes. Part of this is also making sure your cables aren’t going to trip you up if you’re too far from the power supply unit. Check your port details but most cables come in the following specifications: HDMI, VGA, DVI, USB, or DisplayPort.

Dark room filled with gaming machines / Multiple Monitors for Gaming

Key Takeaways for Gamers and Getting a 6 Monitor Setup 

Gaming can be a dream career for the right person. It’s tough both physically and mentally but also highly rewarding. Regardless, you’ll need to invest in the right multiple monitor setups so that you get the best display possible to keep up with your competitors. That’s why many build their own computers but either way, make sure you have a powerful RAM and graphics card. Being confident in your equipment means you can focus on the game and be the best you can be. 


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