Things to Do Before You Move to Bangkok, Thailand

If you have made a decision to move to Bangkok, for whatever reason, then it certainly will help to know a few basics and to make certain arrangements before you arrive. Unless you are extremely lucky, just turning up with some stuff and hoping to wing it will probably cause you a few issues that could be easily avoided. One of the biggest hurdles to get your head around are the various immigration processes, although once you know your stuff, then you should be fine, here are some other pointers to help you on your way;

Things to Do Before You Move to Bangkok, Thailand

Get your visa before you come

If you can, it’s better to secure your visa ahead of time if you don’t want to be rushing around Southeast Asia like a mad man within a month of arriving – especially if you plan to stay in Thailand for an extended period of time. Visa regulations aren’t as relaxed as they might have been a decade ago, so don’t expect a free ride.

If you’ve already secured a work position in Bangkok, then that’s great news. The company’s administration should assist you in obtaining a three-month Non-B Visa which you would simply go to immigration and extend every 3 months. They should also provide you all of the papers you need, and you may apply for the visa at the Thai embassy in your own country.

How will you move your stuff?

This task can often get left until the last minute, which can cause absolute mayhem so, it’s best to work out who you will use to move your stuff. You would probably be better to use an International Moving Company in Bangkok who can organize everything for you and will be familiar with the customs processes. It also means that you can tick it off of your list and get on with the other important bits and bobs.


If you don’t plan to live off savings or a pension, or have a job lined up before you get to Bangkok, carry as much money as you can to ensure you don’t run out, you can often get a much better rate of exchange if you travel to one of the local money exchanges. With regards accommodation, most long-term apartment rentals will require a deposit of two months’ rent, as well as one month’s rent paid in advance.

Remember that you’ll need money for food, pay your expenses and of course, enjoy yourself. Bangkok isn’t as ‘cheap’ as it once might have been, having said that, you can choose to live an expensive lifestyle or, you could live a more modest lifestyle, it all really depends upon your character and what you feel comfortable with. Here are a few skincare tips when travelling.

Insurance is a good idea

It’s pretty easy to get yourself into a pickle in Bangkok, just like anywhere else really, especially if you’ve never lived in another country before. Road accidents are quite common, especially on motorcycles, and you’ll quickly discover that ‘health and safety’ requirements aren’t exactly up to the standards of some other countries. You will probably be able to get the best deals on travel insurance if you get it while you’re still at home, do make sure though that you get a policy that covers motor vehicle accidents and damage.




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