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When Does Your AC Need Repair

Summer heats up and our dependence on air conditioners grows, but how can you tell when they need maintenance or repairs?

The Mysterious Case of Inadequate Cooling

Any time your air conditioning (AC) fails to deliver on its promises of cold air, something is clearly wrong. There could be any number of causes. From refrigerant leaks, malfunctioning compressors or clogged filters. Professional intervention is required in order to restore home comfort as well as reduce energy bills.

Are You Hearing Strange Noises?

Does your AC unit seem to be making unnerving clanks, bangs and rattles? Any unusual sounds should never be ignored as they could indicate severe internal issues, including broken components, loose parts or debris auditioning for roles in the Noisy Appliances Ensemble. Consult a professional immediately if these sounds become persistent before they lead to major breakdown. Moreover, regular maintenance could prevent these unwanted performers from ever taking the stage.

Your AC and the Rising Energy Bills 

Has your electricity bill unexpectedly skyrocketed without an increase in usage? An inefficient AC may be to blame. An ineffective unit works harder to provide cooling for your home while using more energy in doing so (possibly due to dirty coils, failed motor or inadequate ductwork) thus costing more money in energy consumption and strain on your wallet this summer. Identifying issues quickly can prevent further energy wastage while sparing your wallet further wallet meltdown. Getting your ac repair or regular maintenance done helps avoid unexpected increases in energy bills.

Trouble with Poor Airflow 

Can’t feel the breeze from your AC when it’s running at full blast? Poor airflow could be due to any number of potential issues, from failing blower motors and blockages in ductwork to clogged air filters clogging the flow. Working with a professional to diagnose and resolve these issues quickly will bring comfort back in no time. Be sure to change filters regularly as this will keep air flowing freely through.

Musty Smells

When your AC begins smelling more musty than refreshing, it’s time to investigate. Musty smells could indicate mold or mildew growth inside its unit or ductwork which not only impacts comfort but can have negative health implications. A thorough cleaning and tune-up are needed in order to rid yourself of these unwelcome guests and improve indoor air quality. Be wary of any water leaks that might contribute to mold development as these could fuel its spread further.

Does Your AC Cycle Continuously?

Does your air conditioning system seem erratic and unpredictable, continually switching on and off? This could indicate an underlying problem such as mis calibrated thermostat, refrigerant leaks or electrical issues requiring professional advice to address. Regular maintenance visits will help detect potential problems before they arise, be sure to schedule them regularly.


As soon as your air conditioner starts showing signs of distress, it is imperative that it be addressed quickly to prevent a potential crisis from developing into something worse. Invest in regular maintenance and quick repairs so your cooling can remain uninterrupted and effective during the scorching days of summer. Don’t get caught without AC by being proactive and engaging the services of professionals to stay cool this season.

Feature Image Source: Photo by Tekton on Unsplash

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