A Man Welding - Types of Welders

Types of Welders

Welding is such an important work that has a direct contribution to the construction of civilization. Without welding industrialization and constructions cannot be imagined. As a professional job, it is one of the most demandable jobs in the job market. In every nook and corner of the world, welders are of high demand. Welding is […]

Solar Panels on Home Roof - Environmental Benefits of Solar Power

Solar Shenanigans! 7 Environmental Benefits of Solar Power

Climate emergency. Those two words have lined the headlines and buzzed in our ears for months now. People across the world are rallying together, demonstrating, protesting, and calling upon governments to respond to the unfolding environmental catastrophe. Now more than ever, we need to find clean energy alternatives to reduce emissions. The plethora of environmental […]

Laptop Computer on Desk - Computer 101: Top Tips To Keep Your Machine Running Smoothly

Computer 101: Top Tips To Keep Your Machine Running Smoothly

Living with computers can make life a lot easier and a lot more complicated. Most people are having to use these machines nowadays, with the productivity and ease of use they provide being well worth having them around. Of course, though, computers don’t always work as expected, and this can be hard to deal with […]

Stairlift - The Best Assistive Technology for Aging at Home

The Best Assistive Technology for Aging at Home

Aging at home is often preferred to care homes, as it allows a unique dimension of independence; however, to maintain that independence there often has to be some modifications to the home environment. Safety is a top priority, but convenience and accessibility are incredibly important also. Luckily there are some great assistive technologies that can […]

Sony Xperia 1 Cell Phone Shop at Best Buy and SAVE

In partnership with Best Buy – Beautiful Touches has received compensation in the form of a Gift Card, for sharing the Sony Xperia 1 Cell Phone with our readers.  Any opinions stated, are those of the author. #a  Save $200 on the Sony Xperia 1 (Available December 9 – 22, 2019) Get an exclusion Bundle […]

Hands Free Paper Towel Dispensers from Innovia Home Innovations

Hands Free Paper Towel Dispensers from Innovia Home Innovations

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received products from Innovia Home, to facilitate this posting.  No monetary compensation was exchanged. All opinions stated are those of the author. Ok, so you’re thinking “why would anyone really need  hands free paper towel dispensers”? Well, to be honest they aren’t an absolute necessity, but they are really cool,  and using […]

Invisilign - Invisalign in Bedford?

What is Invisalign and why might I opt for Invisalign in Bedford?

Many individuals looking towards orthodontics may believe ‘Invisalign’ is the name of clear aligners, although Invisalign is actually one of the names of the clear aligner providers, and the biggest within the UK, serving a huge number of surgeries and practices. Invisalign in Bedford are a form of orthodontics (clear aligners) that aim to straighten […]

Wrapped Christmas Boxes -

2019 Holiday Gift Guide Page – For the Tech Lover

Welcome everyone, to our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide -For the Tech Lover.  Check out all the awesome brands below.  Come back often as we will be adding throughout the season.  Beautiful Touches has received these items from brands, as gifts and from family and friends, or have purchased for this years gift giving.  No monetary […]

Clock and Lit Candles - Generator


Living in the present day, the twenty-first century, we haven’t modernized yet completely, we are lacking in many places to accomplish that. One out of them is ‘The Challenge of Power Supply’. Irrespective of where you live on the planet, electrical interruptions happen everywhere and its increasing by the day. In some countries or parts […]

2 Treatment Chairs in Dental Office - Dental Technology

An Exciting Development in Dental Technology

Although no longer regarded as a new procedure as dental implants have been around for decades, this treatment is fast becoming the staple procedure that a dentist in Mackay will recommend their patients due to their high success rate, additional benefits and superior functionality as compared to other methods that are available. The increase in […]