Dating Advice: Types Of Men, Women Pick For A Relationship

Finding true love is the most complicated thing. Even scientists have not come to know about the reason behind romantic attraction. However, it has been found that there are so many traits and characteristics that women see before picking a guy to date.

Initially, physical appearance and sexual chemistry are the early indicators of consistency. However, these superficial qualities fade away with time. On the other hand, there are some other significant qualities that are liked by women such as practicality, emotional intelligence, empathy, etc. We agree that no two women are the same, but there are some common qualities that every woman looks for in their man. Have a look!

Confidence: Men who are confident and clear about what they want are more appealing to women. Nothing is more attractive than men who are optimistic and self-assured. And, surprisingly this is visible from your attitude or the way you initiate a conversation. But, do not forget that there is a difference between being confident and having an over-inflated ego. A number of men consider arrogance as confidence. Never do that, as it seems a cover to all your insecurities. And, a woman never falls for a man who wants to be the center of attraction and is overbearing. Being confident is all about being yourself and believing in yourself. Women are more likely to respond to such men and consider dating them.

Leadership: A lot of women like men who take the lead. They usually date men who are decisive, powerful, and have a strong authoritarian style. Women adore such men, especially the alpha males. But, What is an alpha male and what traits do they have? Alpha males are outgoing and enterprising, and have brave and strong personalities. Their aura reflects decisive, assertive, self-reliant, and confident characters. Being an alpha has nothing to do with how other people think of them. They always look for growth and strive for progress, even if it is painful.

Emotional Availability: It comes as no surprise that everyone desires to get surrounded by people who are emotionally available to them. Most importantly, the ones who listen to them and be available at tough times. The same thing applies to women. They love men who extract time from their busy schedules. Plus, to build a strong relationship, it is necessary that you show them the humanistic and emotional sides. It is perfectly fine to show your vulnerable side as well, because women always prefer men who express their true feelings instead of being rough and rude.

Respect: Respect is the foundation of a successful relationship. If the partners do not treat each other with respect, the relationship cannot flourish. This is why women always prioritize respect over other qualities. She never wants to feel taken for granted or assumed. If you do so, you can never begin a healthy relationship with your woman. Women feel the signs of breaking relationships very soon and thus ignore men who cannot respect them. On top of that, they also see if you respect your family, friends, and people around you.

Empathy: When it comes to attracting women, empathetic men always win the chance. Women are highly interested in such males. Especially, the one who understands other people’s feelings and sympathizes with them. When you show care to people, they feel that you are capable enough to handle a relationship and desire to show care and empathy in their relationship too. Women always love men who can open up their hearts and show compassion. Doesn’t matter if it is about their personal life or professional or even the deepest fears.

Good Sense of Humor: Lighthearted humor and a happy atmosphere are loved by women. It is believed that when a woman responds to your jokes, they might be interested in you. This does not mean that you need to be a comedian. But the quality to crack jokes, light up the mood is very appealing to women. According to a study, when two people laugh together around the same joke they are sharing each other’s perspective and values.

Finding the right partner is mostly luck, but it should not mean that you need not put in the effort. In a nutshell, women are more attracted to men who can, at least, do something for them. It could be a good gesture or simply express their feelings. On this note, we hope that you find the above mentioned information helpful in your hunch for love.










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