FoFlor Has Got You Covered!

FoFlor has got you covered…your floor that is!


I’ve been a long time lover of my rugs by FoFlor.  I’ve received rugs from them (for reviews) in the past – a large rug and a runner, and they are great.  This time around, they blew my mind.  You see, I needed an area rug for my living room.  I had my own office/craft room, but I gladly gave it up for my grandsons, who moved in with us this past December.  Moving my “stuff” out into the living room wasn’t a big sacrifice, but I found it difficult to ground the space. I wanted it to feel like a separate area from the rest of the great room, but I only had this cheapo looped rug that we picked up at a discount store.  It wasn’t the right color, it kept getting caught in the vacuum cleaner and whole stands would pull out, leaving big exposed sections…and everything stuck to it.  Not the ideal for a craft space.  Bits of paper were always embedded in the fibers, and I often couldn’t get tape out of it and embellishments would get caught up in it.

FoFlor to the rescue!!!!!  Only, I just couldn’t make up my mind on which one I wanted.  I stewed over the choice for days.  I finally told the rep that I wanted something to go with my black, white and stainless motif (ain’t I all fancy schmancy), and told her to pick one for me.  Wholly moley, was I ever FLOORED when my box arrived, and I found not one, but TWO area rugs inside!!!!!!!!!

Now both of my work areas are covered.

FoFlor Collage
“Zebra” Pattern FoFlor Area Rug
FoFlor Collage 2
“Inked” Pattern FoFlor Area Rug

She actually chose the top favorites that I had in my head, and oh, I am so very very thrilled and grateful.

What is so fantastic about rugs by FoFlor?

Well, besides being beautiful, they are durable AND they are machine washable.

Yep, you heard me right.  These babies can be put in the washing machine.  Now mind you, the area rug would need a pretty big machine to tackle it, so what do ya do?  You take it to a laundromat and throw it into one of those big commercial front loaders…or what I plan to do, is take it outside and use my hose on it.  A little bit of soap, a little brushing with a broom, a rinse an voile it’s clean as a whistle.

FoFlor offers three different collections of rugs – Foto-Realistic Art, MicroFibres and Scout Designs. All are made in the USA, have skid resistant backing (which is a real plus for me because I’m on slip and trip overload), and are machine washable (but no worries about fading, because the prints are permanently dyed). So many styles to choose from!

Legal Mambo Jumbo:  I received two wonderful, fabulous, beautiful rugs for this review, but honest to goodness, all the opinions stated are 100% my own!


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