Go-10 , a New FREE Program from The ScrapRack!

Totally Tiffany ScrapRackYou all already know that I LOVE my ScrapRack, and have participated in Tiffany’s classes in the past.

This one really speaks to me because I know that I can easily carve out just 10 minutes each day.

Go-10 is an organization program that gives you the step by step instructions for organizing a little bit every day.

Sign up, using the registration box HERE. Each week you’ll receive a new email with a link to a video and instructions for completing a small organization task.  The goal is to watch the video the first day, and then spend 10 minutes for each of the following 6 days organizing.

The Go-10 Series is FREE.  You will not be asked to provide anything other than some basic sign up information.  You do not need a ScrapRack system to benefit from the Go-10 Class Series.

Happy Organizing!!

Go-10, a New FREE Program from The ScrapRack

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