How to Travel the World After You’ve Divorced

The terminated marriage is a big page of your life being closed, so there’s no surprise you’d want to change something in your life and bring more joy into it. Traveling is a great way of doing it, so if you’re feeling like having fun abroad either closer or farther from your home, give it a go. Exploring the places you’ve never been to may turn your life upside down, and bring new acquaintances and possibilities. Check this guide to see what you need to have a vacation alone.

How to Travel the World After You’ve Divorced

Decide on the next destination

Traveling after a break-up starts the same way you’d do it if you were in a relationship: you need to choose the country where you want to go. However, now you can do it without thinking about other people’s interests: it’s only you who will go on this trip, so you are free to choose the destination you wish. Maybe, it could be the place where you always wanted to go but didn’t because your ex didn’t want to accompany you. Maybe, you were short of money due to the need to buy something for both of you, etc. Divorce vacations are the best for realizing your old wishes and going anywhere your soul demands.

Review your finances

The next thing you should do is look at your financial situation to understand what kind of trip you can afford at the moment. In case you’re aiming at luxury resorts among the best places to start over after divorce, make sure such a trip won’t leave you bankrupt. Keep in mind that your main expenditures like the cost of divorce in Texas take much of your income, so being thoughtful when it comes to planning and financing your first post-divorce journey is crucial.

Be ready to take up the part of travel preparation your ex completed earlier

If you’ve had a chance to travel with your ex during your marital life, probably, you organized your trips together. Now that they’re gone and you’re going to do it on your own, remember to plan your trip thoroughly and don’t expect anyone else to do the job your ex earlier did. Unless you will travel with your friend or adult children, you shouldn’t hope for help in organizing your all-alone trip.

Plan your trip like a project

You can use either an online planner or a notebook for this purpose. Outline the goal – seeing certain places in a country of your choice – and divide it into the small steps to carry it out. Create a separate list of architectural and cultural sights if you want to visit any, the food points remarkable for your destination and souvenirs that you want to bring home from that trip.

Write down and compare the flight options from the most comfortable ones to the cheapest ones. Choose something in between to make your ends meet and have a convenient transfer at the same time.

Don’t book hotel rooms for two

If you are determined to go for this trip alone, opt for the respective options regarding living space. Choosing a hotel with a romantic vibe or a room for two may cause traumatic memories of your personal life or make you search for the company on the spot to spend the evening with a bottle of wine together. This is not what you need at this moment, so be mindful of this issue.

Consider inviting a friend with you

It’s okay to feel uncomfortable going on a distant trip on your own, especially if you have just divorced and are feeling extremely lonely. Can you relate to this situation? Then travel anywhere you want in a company! Take your best friend with you and turn this traveling into a fun story you’d be remembering later.

Such a way out fits everyone who’s going to a country that is half the world from their home and is afraid of possible difficulties, the language barrier, and the like. Having the person you know well near you when you’re away from home can be supportive and encouraging, especially on a longer trip (about a month, for example).

Don’t visit romantic spots

Even with your friend around you, going to Juliette’s House isn’t the best thing you can do in Verona. Seeing all those kissing couples may bring you down, so why would you do that? Better opt for museums, observation decks, and party places that aren’t related to romance and love in any way. They’re no less interesting than spots that are visited by couples all the time abroad.

Be open to new impressions

To distract yourself from a divorce completely, you have to be open-minded and curious like a child on your way to a new destination. Consider reading tourist guides and local media before traveling to any country to understand what it’s like. Learn a few phrases in the language of the country you’re coming to get closer to local people and win their hearts easily. Don’t refuse to try unusual dishes and drinks while abroad: this will also help you understand another culture better and create the memories you’ll be reminiscing years after.

Refrain from vacation romances

Finally, we suggest that you avoid getting acquainted with men or women for the sake of sex or new relationships. Being newly divorced may make you feel a bit detached and not fitting in any company due to the absence of the partner, but you should concentrate on yourself now rather than on searching for a substitute for your partner. After all, you’re coming abroad for the trip, not to get another lover who is not likely to stay by your side till the end of your days.

At the same time, avoiding acquaintances completely isn’t right as well: no one will help you understand another lifestyle and culture better than local people. So get ready for finding new friends from all over the globe and staying in touch with them later.



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