Sitting Pretty: The Sofa Styles To Get Excited About

There are always going to be the things we get excited about around the home, and the things that are that little bit more boring. And even if you think you’re an interiors fanatic, the same applies to you. Because not every kind of home improvement is fun. Pipes and drainage systems – definitely in the boring category. But things like paint choices, fabric swatches, and furniture? They’re always so much more exciting. Of all the different pieces you’re going to consider buying for your home, couches are always cool to pick out. And we’re not just talking about the boring styles of sofas that you find at Grandma’s house. Oh no, these are not your average kind of couches, so you’re definitely going to get excited about them.

Sitting Pretty: The Sofa Styles To Get Excited About

Chaise Lounge

Up first, we have the glam of glam, the creme de la creme, the queen of couches – the chaise lounge. This little beauty isn’t always practical, but it can be in the right room. While it’s not going to fit a family of five for movie night, it will look incredible in your dressing room, or in a formal living room if you have other areas of seating covered off. Very Old Hollywood and ‘20s style, this can be a great piece to work with if you have a vintage taste.


From something very statement to a firm favorite, we then have the section couches to consider. When you’re looking round a sofa store or even online, you’re likely to find a few different versions of these. Which is why they’re great. You can customize them to your needs. So if you have an awkward shaped room, you don’t have to worry. You can still find an exciting couch that will work.


Sitting Pretty: The Sofa Styles To Get Excited About



Now we’re going to consider something a little more classic again – the Chesterfield. This is a more traditional style of couch, but it can work in a range of different rooms. A stunning design, often coming in a very high quality, you style work this stunning type of sofa with a formal design or even something quite minimal and modern too.


And then you have the more modern and modular styles of couch to consider. If you do have a very modern home, and you want to stick with something that will work with it, here’s the style of couch for you. These couches tend to be all clean lines, minimal fuss, and they also ooze style. But you don’t have to have a modern home to work with them. They can work in an eclectic style home too.


Finally, you may also want to think about working with a loveseat. These little numbers are super cute and can be great for smaller spaces. So if you want to work a couch into a tiny apartment, or have somewhere to sit in a slightly cozier room, a loveseat could be the perfect solution for you. Not quite a sofa, yet still not a chair, it’s the perfect compromise for when you need something in-between.


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