Staying Healthy When You Travel

Travel can broaden your horizons and help you see the world. The problem is travel can take a toll on your body. From long flights to eating out, travel can have a detrimental effect on your health, especially if you’re on the go a lot.

But there are ways of staying healthy when you travel.

Simply follow the tips below to avoid some of the common issues when you’re travelling for business or leisure.

Find a hotel with great facilities

Where you stay can have a huge effect on your health. If you’re travelling for long periods, it’s better to opt for a hotel that has homely facilities, as you can continue your healthy eating and exercise regime from the comfort of your room. For example, booking a room at the ASQ Hotel in Bangkok gives you your own space with kitchenette facilities, so you can rustle up healthy snacks, and space to do your exercise routine.

Also, look out for hotels that have facilities such as gyms and pools. These facilities are often open long hours, so you can workout whenever you have the time. Pools are a good way to get a workout that also helps you relax. If you’ve had a long journey and just want to do something low impact to stretch your limbs, head for the pool.

Stay healthy on the plane

Flights can have a big effect on your health. Being cramped in a small space without moving enough, plus the pressure changes, can make you ill. You can avoid this by:

  • Getting up regularly to stretch your legs, or do some exercise at your seat
  • Drinking plenty of water – skip the free alcohol, as this will dehydrate you
  • Eating healthy food and avoiding salt – some planes offer healthier menus, but if not, you should bring your own healthy snacks on-board
  • Nap at the right time – try to get into the routine of the time zone you’re flying to

Luckily, many planes are now adding features such as cleaner air, which can help you feel better when you land.

Continue your healthy routines

One of the reasons why long trips can mess with our health is that we ditch our healthy routines when we’re travelling. But even if you’re on the go, you can still stay healthy day-to-day. If you don’t have access to gym equipment, go on a nature walk. If you’re somewhere where you can’t cook for yourself, look for local restaurants that offer healthy options. Being away from home doesn’t mean you need to drop your health and self-care routine. While a decadent weekend away isn’t going to ruin your health, long-term travelers need to keep an eye on what they eat and their activity levels.

Staying healthy while travelling entails that you do not forget about the medications that you would normally take back home. It should be mentioned that some of us take regular medications for both physical as well as mental issues. There are statistics that point out that one in every three individuals suffer from a medical condition called dysphagia. This is a condition that makes it difficult for individuals to swallow medication with the help of just water. In such instances, it is advisable that individuals should always travel with their Gloup swallowing gel.

Take care of your skin

A simple thing you can do when you travel is to keep up with your skincare routine. However, you may need to vary things to help you cope with different climates. For example, if you’re going somewhere hot, the priority will be protecting your skin with the right sunscreen and staying covered. Even in cold, cloudy climates, you should wear a low SPF, and if you’re going somewhere with freezing weather, you’ll need products to help moisturize your skin, especially areas that get chapped like your hands.

Follow COVID-19 restrictions

COVID-19 is still an ongoing risk, and while travel has opened back up in many areas, you still need to follow basic protocol like wearing a mask and regular handwashing. In some areas, you may need to apply for a pass to enter the country. For example, Thailand has launched the Thailand Pass scheme, which means you’ll need to provide a negative test before you arrive, plus satisfy other requirements. Make sure you know the restrictions and rules of where you are travelling, otherwise, you may be turned away at the airport.

Travelling can have a big impact on your body. It can be hard on both physically and mentally, as you will potentially suffer jet lag, dehydration, and a number of issues. If you’re planning on longer trips, you need to ensure you get into the habit of having a healthy routine, so that you can mitigate some of the effects on your body and stay energized.

10 thoughts on “Staying Healthy When You Travel

  • So important! I know I want to be healthy when I travel because I don’t have time to be sick when I’ve paid a bunch of money.

  • I also take a vitamin c drink before I get on the plane. These are great tips for traveling.

  • I always pack my vitamins with me. I can’t travel without my Juice Plus!

  • I agree about getting a hotel who cares about their clients. We just got back from Mexico healthy and a big part of it was the constant attention the staff gave to the premises.

  • Great advice, though I’ve been afraid to travel since Covid hit. I used to travel all the time, but I’ve been grounded in Denmark since spring of 2020 🙁

  • These are really great way to stay healthy when you travel! I’m surely gonna keep this in mind!

  • When travelling the most important part is to be and stay healthy. Your tips will help to prevent so many problem.

  • I take care of my skin by drinking water and eating healthily. A good hotel with good facilities always helps.

  • I would love to resume traveling, but it makes me nervous… The different requirements in different places. I think I am going to wait just a little while longer.

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