See it. Stream it. Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player at Best Buy

#ad @BestBuy @madebygoogle Entertainment couldn’t be easier. See it. Stream it. Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player at Best Buy. Now you can… Watch movies (all those holiday classics) Watch live TV (this is the time of year for super Christmas specials) Watch YouTube (you can’t beat a YouTube how to – from cooking a turkey to […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Theater Instead of the Cinema

Everyone likes a good film, right? Maybe your thing is catching up on the latest Hollywood summer blockbusters, complete with plenty of explosions, or maybe you have a different niche you’re into. Artsy dramas that explore the deep nuances of the human condition, maybe? Or how about irreverent comedies to help you put aside any […]


10 Myths About Psychic Readings That Need to Be Debunked

Psychic powers have always been a matter of fascination for the human race. People who have these amazing powers are blessed with special innate abilities that make them capable of sense and feel things that normal people cannot. They can sometimes even see or hear information that is not visible and audible for the normal […]

Which Of The Best TV Shows Of The 21st Century Have You Seen?

For some people, there is no better way to end the day than by sinking into their sofa and enjoying some TV. And now, thanks to the many different streaming services that have gained popularity over the past few years, there is more choice than ever before. In fact, some people believe that we are […]

Consider This Before Pressing Pause On Television Subscriptions

We live in an age where TV packages like Netflix are part of everyday culture. In fact, around 54% of U.S. adults now have Netflix. These packages have become such a part of our lives that phrases like ‘Netflix and chill’ get daily use. You can’t go through a day at the office without someone […]

Cornhole Games for the Entire Family

Spending Time with Your Family to Create Beautiful Memories You may already realize this, but with all the go-go-go hustle bustle of modern life. But it’s easy to forget the importance of taking time out to build long-lasting family experiences. If you’re considering ideas for making some memories of your very own, check out this […]

9/11 Film Charlie Sheen Autographed Poster Plus Gift Pack Giveaway

9/11 Film Charlie Sheen Autographed Poster and Gift Pack Giveaway has been provided to me, in exchange for sharing the information about the movie.  No monetary compensaation was received.  All opinions are my own. Where were you on that fateful day?  As the assistant to the director of a charter school for children with chronic […]