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The excitement circling the birthdays, anniversaries, festivities are ineffable. Months before, you all get excited that there is an upcoming event, but when the occasion approaches nearer, there is a moment of tension. The stress of what to give and what not to? A lot of thought goes into buying a gift, and of course, there are questions like will it suit the occasion, will the recipient appreciate it, etc.

Timeless Gift Options That Work For Everyone

  1. Bouquets: When you hear the word “Bouquet” a lush and colorful flower bouquet paints your imagination. Isn’t it? Well, you are right. Flower bouquets and arrangements are always pretty to give to all recipients. Even to men in your life; you can give flowers to express emotions. Other than this, there are chocolate bouquets, teddy bear bouquets, and cookie bouquets, and mixed bouquets. These choices are quite trendy, unique, and appropriate for everyone and every occasion.


  1. Garden and Home Plants: Gifting plants is an old tradition. Extending plants as a token can mean many things, but most importantly, it symbolizes your care and good luck wishes. Also, the type of plant will convey different greetings. For example, if it is a Lucky Bamboo or Money plant; it would convey prosperity and auspiciousness. If it’s a Rose or Hibiscus or any other flowering plant it could mean that I LOVE You or keep blooming like a flower. Each flower has a meaning as well. Flowering plants can also be given to beautify the homes, etc. Go creative with plant vases.


  1. Sweets and Chocolates: Traditionally, sweets are given on festive occasions. In Indian culture, sweets are known to be pious. In modern times, chocolates have replaced sweets when the occasion is of birthday, anniversary, get-together, or any other happy event. Chocolate boxes, baskets, hampers, trays are some of the options. Handmade chocolates seem to be everyone’s favorite because of unique flavors, designs, shapes.


  1. Personalized Gifts: The most versatile and timeless gift option is personalized gifts. Best suited for every occasion, recipient, gender, and budget. Yes, as low as below 100 to as high as you can think; there are plenty of personalized gift options available suiting every budget. Personalized keychains personalized plants, personalized chocolates, personalized décor items, personalized hampers, personalized cakes, and whatnot. Anything can be personalized nowadays, all thanks to the technological advancements.


  1. Edible Gifts: Everyone is a foodie—some like sweet, some like savory. A basket full of candies and chocolates, a delicious cake, dry-fruit trays, a hamper of assorted goodies, or some baked deliciousness, jar cakes are all edible gifts that can be given to your dear ones. Either make at home or avail the online services of these gifts.


  1. Divine Gifts: Divine gifts like God Idols, Incense stick burner and diffuser sets, or anything auspicious are also appropriate gifts to be given on all occasions. You can give OM or Ganesha Pendant as divine gifts. On festive occasions, these are highly appreciated, and otherwise, also they will be welcomed because of the sacredness.

You can pick a gift from any of the aforementioned choices to grace the recipient and his/her occasion. All of these gift choices can be availed from online portals, easily.

Timeless Gift Options That Work For Everyone

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